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Control your income and build your business. With many opportunities available, including residual earnings, your growth has unlimited potential.


Contests and Conventions are run throughout each year, offering you the opportunity to earn vacations, cash and network with top agents from around the country.


Feel confident in selling our innovative services. Customer satisfaction is top priority and our product line is both beneficial and professional.


Promotions won’t just increase your income. Our R&R Club benefit program provides large rewards for those moving up within the company.


Advanced Local Trainings, Conference Calls, Webinars, Leadership and Corporate Support are available to help you grow your business.


The demand for our services is growing each and every day, fitting the needs of various people throughout your community, at all stages of life.

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"Initially I just wanted to increase my credit score. However, once I saw how quickly my credit score went up, both my wife and I had a much stronger interest in becoming agents. Being in real estate, we referred our clients to the service and as their credit scores went up, we sold more homes. What started out as a mere compliment to our real estate business has escalated into a full blown career! FES is allowing us a better quality of life and more time with our family, friends and business associates."

"When I began my FES journey, I viewed this more as an opportunity to assist my family, friends, associates and colleagues in gaining financial literacy and strengthening their financial portfolios- what I quickly realized is that we had a special platform to positively impact the lives of others across the country!"

"The fast track success I am achieving with FES has changed my life in so many ways. I have been able to build long lasting relationships with like-minded people. I have enjoyed personal growth that has made me better in all areas of my life. The extra income has provided luxury and allowed me to travel. I have changed my direction and it is changing my destination."

"It’s no secret that millions of Americans have financial and credit issues- we have the opportunity to help them while building wealth and stability for our families."