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The uces protection plan is a multiproduct program which encompasses all of our unique financial products. Unlike any other financial service on the market, the FES Protection Plan is designed to cover all aspects of your financial portfolio. You can access your easy-to-use online portal at anytime and our Customer Service Team is available to answer any questions. Keep yourself, your family and your financial assets protected with the uces protection plan.

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What if you could have the benefits of a traditional business career, but without someone else controlling your income, hours, partners and overall job security? Maybe you're comfortable in your job, but would like to increase your opportunities and income without trying to balance the multiple schedules created for you. Technology is continuing to advance and the business world is rapidly changing. You're going to be working anyway- shouldn't you enjoy it? Shouldn't you control it? Welcome to Financial Education Services.

True freedom comes with generating residual income*



Before becoming Protection Plan Members, we didn’t realize how many aspects of our finances could possibly be out of our control. Now we are confident that our credit and assets are fully protected and that our family’s financial future is secure. The uces protection plan makes it easy for everyone to organize their financial and personal affairs. Your credit, identity and family are too important not to protect.


Initially I just wanted to increase my credit score. However, once I saw how quickly my credit score went up, both my wife and I had a much stronger interest in becoming agents. Being in real estate, we referred our clients to the service and as their credit scores went up, we sold more homes. What started out as a mere compliment to our real estate business has escalated into a full blown career! FES is allowing us a better quality of life and more time with our family, friends and business associates.


When I began my FES journey, I viewed this more as an opportunity to assist my family, friends, associates and colleagues in gaining financial literacy and strengthening their financial portfolios- what I quickly realized is that we had a special platform to positively impact the lives of others across the country!


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